How to create FAQs in Shoptet

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Shoptet is popular in Czechia and Slovakia. You might like this article in 🇸🇰 slovak language.
How to create FAQs in Shoptet | EasyFAQ


FAQ - Frequently asked questions are an essential part of any good online business website. If you add FAQs to your website, you will gain many benefits and boost your online business. FAQs will attract you new customers, thanks to keywords. You will get better search engine rankings and improve your website's SEO. From a psychological point of view, customers trust more the sites that answer their questions, and you will get more orders.

Shoptet is the largest provider of bargain eshops in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and is expanding further in Central Europe. We'll take a look at how to easily set up an FAQ for a Shoptet website in 2 minutes. With EasyFAQ you can add FAQs to a home page, to articles on Shoptet, or even to each product detail.


Creating FAQs for websites is a few clicks and no programming with EasyFAQ


In this tutorial, we will add an FAQ directly to the Shoptet eshop homepage. First, we will start by creating an FAQ on EasyFAQ. You'll start creating the FAQ by entering your email, which you can use to log in and edit the FAQ at any time in the future. For example, we've written two FAQs for our sample site. We then copy the FAQ code at the bottom of the page, paste that into the Shoptet website.


EasyFAQ is a tool for building beautiful FAQs


Now we can go to Shoptet administration. In the View and Content - Home Page section, we want to insert FAQs below the text so that users can see them right away when they visit the website. We click on Tools - Source Code and paste the copied code from EasyFAQ into the place where we want to display the FAQ. You can paste the FAQ anywhere within the Shoptet website - on the header, in the product, or in the articles.


How to add FAQ to Shoptet?


Congratulations, you have just set up a nice FAQ for your Shoptet store using EasyFAQ. You can edit the questions in EasyFAQ and you don't need to change anything on Shoptet, the questions will be automatically overwritten. The result looks like this:


Nice example of FAQ on Shoptet store