How to create FAQs for Webflow page

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How to create FAQs in Webflow | EasyFAQ


Webflow is the modern way to build for the web. Webflow empowers designers to build professional, custom websites in a completely visual canvas with no code.
More on the embeding to Webflow page you can find on custom code embed Webflow university page.


Let's make now beautiful FAQs for any Webflow page

1. Add Embed element. Find element in the Add panel palette and place it anywhere on your page. Custom blocks of HTML code to your site using the Embed element allow unlock all kinds of custom functionality.

Add FAQs to any Webflow website. Find Embed element.


2. Copy code of your frequently asked questions from EasyFAQ dashboard and paste it in the Embed component on Webflow. The code will look something like this one line:
<script src="" id="demo"></script>


🎉 Hurray! Hurray! Your FAQs are embeded in the Webflow website. You can now edit them in your EasyFAQ dashboard at any time without any need to change Webflow website. Open your live website preview and you should see embeded FAQs.

This is how FAQs look on Webflow page.

Try it yourself 🤗

Just use this code, or register and create your own FAQs and convert more customers!
<script src="" id="demo"></script>