How to create FAQs for Wix page

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How to create FAQs in Wix | EasyFAQ is a leading cloud-based development platform with millions of users worldwide Wix provides customizable website templates and a drag-and-drop HTML5 web site builder that includes apps, graphics, image galleries, fonts, vectors, animations and other options.
More on the embeding to Wix can be found on Wix support website.


Follow these steps

1. In website editor, click on Add on the left side of the Editor
2. Click Embed and select Embed widget
3. Embed your code. Paste the code of your FAQ (you will find it in EasyFAQ dashboard) or use demo code:  <script src="" id="demo"></script>
Click apply and move the widget to a place, where you want to show your FAQs.

Guide to show FAQs on Wix website.


🎉 Hurray! Your FAQs are embeded in your Wix website. You can now edit them in your EasyFAQ dashboard at any time without any need to change Webflow website.

Try it yourself 🤗

Just use this code, or register and create your own FAQs and convert more customers!
<script src="" id="demo"></script>