How to create FAQs for Wordpress web

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WordPress is an open-source website builder or so called content management system (CMS). It's very popular tool for individuals without any coding experience who want to build websites and blogs. The software doesn't cost anything. Anyone can install, use, and modify it for free.


Steps to create FAQs for any Wordpress page

1. Add Custom Embed element to the place where you want to show your FAQs. We recommend you to wrap Embed element by Section element, which will allow you to set custom width of FAQs easily.

Add FAQs to any Webflow website. Find Embed element.


2. Copy code of your frequently asked questions from EasyFAQ dashboard and paste it in the Wordpress's custom HTML component. The code will look like this single line:
<script src="" id="demo"></script>


Hurray! 🎉 Your FAQs are embeded in your Wordpress website. You can now edit them in your EasyFAQ dashboard at any time without any need for developer or coding experience. Open live website preview and you will see embeded FAQs.


Example Wordpress Frequently asked questions FAQs

Try it yourself 🤗

Just use this code, or register and create your own FAQs and convert more customers!
<script src="" id="demo"></script>