Why your store should have FAQs

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Why your store should have Frequently asked questions | EasyFAQ


FAQs (frequently asked questions) are an essential part of every website that converts! If you want your website to convert customers into money too, you need FAQs.

FAQs often arise out of the need of an owner who is bored of answering questions that keep coming back. Store owners want to devote their time to something more useful.


Important points or TL/DR

  • FAQs often arise out of owner's need, but there's more to it
  • FAQs are unique conversion tool
  • Customers buy from stores where they feel confident
  • Bonus: No-code tool for FAQ creation


  1. You need FAQs more than your customers
  2. A website that has FAQs gives the customer a sense of trust. Most of the questions that the customer has (and he has a lot of them in his head) are answered and he will therefore buy from the store. FAQs is simply a tool to conversion.

  3. Better SEO and free customer acquisition
  4. FAQs contain keywords and improve your site's SEO. The biggest problem for search algorithms, is to properly understand what your website is about. When your website has additional information in the FAQs about the products or services you sell, there is a better chance of ranking at the top of a google search.  Again - higher customer conversion.

  5. Well written and user friendly FAQs convert your customers
  6. FAQs can be beautiful too, and you don't need to know how to code to create them. EasyFAQ is a tool where you simply write FAQs as if you were writing an email. Only this time for all customers. And with one click you have them on your store. EasyFAQ has beautifully styled FAQs, and supports Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce and other platforms. 


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